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Since 2018, I’ve been focused on making sure my Home Inspections provide the most informative guidance regarding my clients' potential property purchases and I've been striving to protect, for many, their largest lifetime investment across the Northern Alabama area. All of that focus, hard work & dedication to the people of North Central Alabama has taken me to this moment & I'm incredibly excited to introduce my new company, Constantine Home Inspectors(CHI), Inc.. Whether you’re a Buyer, Seller, or an Investor, I have all the tools, the experience, and the determination you need to help you understand all of the elements of your next property in Northern Alabama and very soon beyond!

Home Inspection Services

My goal is to allay your concerns by providing as much information on the condition of the home as possible. I’ll be there with you from the Home Inspection until the day you close the deal, and beyond. My clients call me often long after their purchases to ask questions & seek guidance on home related issues that can & do arise from time to time. Select the following services below that you require and let's find your homebuying CHI together!

Country Style Living Room

Home Inspections

Understanding your new home

For many years I have been educating my clients on the current conditions of the properties they have considered purchasing as well as including pertinent information of important items for them to keep an eye on moving forward as they settle into their new homes. I believe I can use my experience to help provide you with all the information you will need to help you make an informed decision on your next home purchase. Click the 'Book Inspection Now' link and let us embark on that process together!


Radon Testing

Your Health & Safety

As one of my most popular services, Radon Testing will only increase as we learn new information regarding the health effects of this naturally emitting gas. Rest assured, I will provide all the resources and guidance you need to understand the Radon levels in your prospective home if you so choose. I always recommend having an initial radon test done to understand the baseline levels in the home, regardless of whether or not you want me to perform the testing or if the current owner or Builder is doing the testing. However is it performed, it is important information you should attain during your Homebuying process. You can easily add this important testing as you schedule your Home Inspection by clicking on the 'Book Inspection Now' link.

Image credit: Alabama Department of Public Health

For more information, click here.                                     

Modern Villa

Additional Services

Septic Inspection, Detached Bldgs, Sprinkler Testing, Yearly Check-Up

Buying a new home can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s important to know what you are facing. Every home is different which is why I offer these additional services as well to try and provide as much information to you as possible to help you arrive at an informed decision. Click on 'Book Inspection Now' link and request these services with your Inspection today!


As a professional Home Inspection Service, I’ve guided many happy clients through what can be a daunting process. Read some reviews below to discover what they have to say about working with me.

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Lane was persistent and came back several times to make sure the house I had under contract would not turn into a money pit. Thankfully because of him we have been made aware of all the issues of the home. Thanks Lane!

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